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This page brings together resources for delivery and uptake of Oracle Digital Assistant. This material is a complete end-to-end leanring library including product features and best practices for developing chatbot skills and digital assistants.

This material can be used as self-paced learning or for delivery to customers, partners and your own development teams.

section 0Complete End-To-End Training

The following section lists the complete end-to-end training.


This section givens a complete overview of the features of the platform and serves as a primer for those who are new to ODA and are looking for a broad understanding of what it does.

It then includes presentations on understanding the challenges of conversational project and how to design conversations.

Developing Skills

This material covers the core skills of building skills including the basics of domain knowledge, how best to train your model, QnA, expression in dialog flows and visual components in the conversation channel.

Backend Integration

Integrating with backend services as a key feature of a digital assistant and this is achieved through custom components. Furthermore, custom components can be used to programmatically render responses back to the user via the channel.

Design Practices

This section introduces best practice designs for error handling,

Digital Assistant

The digital assistant provide the container in which skills can be assembled. It also takes responsibility for routing user requests to the correct skills.

Other Features of ODA

Oracle Digital Assistant provides a range of feature to augment the functionality of skills including integration with other technologies.

Channels Support

Users interact with skills and digital assistants through channels such as web pages, Facebook Messenger or other channels.

Language Support

You can build skills that can communicate with users in the native language of the user.


Security for your digital assistant includes not only understanding how your skill authenticates and authorises users, but also information must be regarded as secure.

Insights and Analytics

Getting an insight into how your digital assistant and skills are performaning is a key factor for both developers and the business.


Learning about the building blocks in Oracle Digital assistant and how they relate to known pattern and principles

Fusion Applications

Understanding how you can integrate Oracle Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions with Oracle Digital Assistant

section 1Tutorials

Here is the full list of Oracle Digital Assistant hands on labs. Each labs is self contained and if required includes a starter skill or digital assistant.

Overview to Routing in Oracle Digital Assistant

In this one-hour tutorial you will use three pre-defined skills to create your own personal digital assistant (DA) on the Oracle Digital Assistant platform (ODA). You will also get hands-on experience tuning your digital assistant’s conversational capabilities and interaction style.

Tutorial: Introduction to Routing in Oracle Digital Assistant

Building a Simple End-to-End Skill

This tutorial is ideal for beginners or those new to ODA as it takes you end to end from building intents, entities, dialog flow then exposing it through a channel. 

Tutorial: Building a simple end to end skill

Build the Perfect Digital Assistant for Your Business

In this lab, you'll learn how to work with skills and digital assistants in Oracle Digital Assistant.

A skill is an individual chatbot that is focused on a specific set of capabilities (e.g. helping customers order food from a specific restaurant). A digital assistant is a master chatbot containing multiple specialized skills.

When a user engages with the digital assistant, the digital assistant evaluates the user input and routes the conversation to the appropriate skill. You can populate your digital assistant with skills from the Skill Store and with skills you have designed yourself.

Build the Perfect Digital Assistant for Your Business (Tutorial)

Best Practices for Training Your Model

Training your model to understand language is as much an art as a science. However, to build a well functionaing language model you need to follow a number of best practices. 

Tutorial: Best practices for training your model

Real World Entity Extraction with Composite Bag

In this tutorial you will explore the power of the composite bag in Oracle Digital Assistant which will allow you to build powerful entity extraction conversations including validation and error handling of entity extraction. 

Tutorial: Real world entity extraction

Building a Rich User Experience with Common Response Component

In this tutorial you will learn how to build rich visual components to enhance the user experience. 

Tutorial: Building a rich user experience with common response component

Custom Component Service Development

Custom components are reusable units of custom code that are added to skills in Oracle Digital Assistant to be executed at runtime in the context of a user-bot conversation. Integrating remote backend systems to a chatbot conversation is the most common usecase for developers to build custom components in Oracle Digital Assistant. In this tutorial you learn how to build custom components for deployment to Oracle Digital Assistant's local Node container.

Custom component hands on tutorial

Custom Component Service Local Debugging

Custom components for Oracle Digital Assistant are developed using JavaScript and Node.js. In this tutorial you learn how to debug custom component services in the context of a bot conversation in Oracle Dgital Assistant.

Custom component service local debugging hands on tutorial

Local and Remote Webviews

Using webviews, bot designers can integrate locally and remotely deployed web applications to support structured data entry into web forms, leverage existing web application capabilities, or provide UI widgets that are not present in a messenger.

Tutorial 1: Building Webviews for Local Deployment to Oracle Digital Assistant using Oracle JET

Tutorial 2: Building Webviews for Local Deployment to Oracle Digital Assistant using Oracle Visual Builder

Oracle Digital Assistant Insights

Learn how Oracle Digital Asisstant Insights can help you identify problems with your Oracle Digital Assistant skills. This tutorial also shows how Insights can be used to identify and fix issues in your skill's understanding.

Tutorial: Oracle Digital Insights

Optimize Insights Reports with Conversation Markers

Deploying Your Digital Assistant Through a Channel

Two tutorials that step you through deploying your digital assistant through a Web page or Facebook Messenger.  

Tutorial: Deploying a digital assistant through a Web page (19.4.1 version)

Tutorial: Oracle Web SDK: Integrating Oracle Digital Assistant to your website and hybrid mobile application (NEW! 20.x version)

Tutorial: Secure Your Oracle Web SDK Chat (NEW! 20.x version)

Facebook Messenger hands on tutorial

Human Agent Integration

In this tutorials you learn how to add live agent chat functionality to an Oracle Digital Assistant bot conversation using the Live Chat of Oracle Service Cloud. You learn how to configure service cloud and how to initiate calls to human agent support within a dialog flow.

Tutorial: Integrate a Skill with Oracle Service Cloud Live Chat

Tutorial: Pass Customer Information to a Live Chat

Tutorial: Transfer a Chat Session to a Live Chat Queue

Application Initiated Conversation

Oracle Digital Asisstant bot conversations can be triggered from external events. In this tutorial you learn how to start a user-bot conversation using a REST call you issue from curl or Postman. Using the same technique, bot conversations can be started from mobile and wbe applications.

Tutorial: Application Initiated Conversation

Oracle Fusion Applications

If you have an Oracle Cloud HCM account that comes with a pre-provisioned instance of Oracle Digital Assistant, you also get an out-of-the-box digital assistant (called FADigitalAssistant) that includes a variety of skills for Oracle Cloud Applications. Among the skills in FADigitalAssistant is a skill for HCM, which enables users to handle various employee and manager tasks through a chat window, thus saving time for HR representatives. You can use that skill as is or you can extend it to answer more questions and handle company-specific terms and phrasing.

section 4Oracle Digital Assistant Documentation

There is so much more to say about Oracle Digital Assistant. You find the complete product documentation following the links below.

  1. Oracle Digital Assistant Documentation
  2. Oracle Digital Assistant REST APIs

section 3TechExchange Blog

The Oracle TechExchange blog complements the Oracle Digital Assistant product documentation with in-depth hands-on experience and code samples that cover common developer tasks. The blog is aimed at bot designers and developers alike.

Oracle TechExchange Blog

section 4Video Tutorials

Oracle Groundbreakers 2 Minutes Tech Tips

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what could a video be worth? From experience it seems to be better to show a short demo and an example instead of explaining things a hundred times or more. The Oracle Groundbreakers Blog is a VLog that collects technical tips from various product lines and technologies. Of course, we at Oracle Digital Assistant are happy to help. Click on the link below for an overview of our contribution.

Oracle Digital Assistant on Oracle Groundbreakers

Oracle Digital Assistant on Oracle Groundbreakers

Conference Sessions

For many, live sessions are more appealing than recoded training videos. In this section, we list conference sessions about Oracle Digital Assistant, we record during Oracle and user group events.

Making First Contact: Building Chatbots with Oracle Digital Assistant Technical Primer

In this Oracle Code event session, recorded in April 2019 in Berlin, Grant Ronald of Product Management gives you an introduction to Oracle Digital Assistant.

section 4Oracle Learning Library: Developing Chatbots

This course introduces you to the world of intelligent chatbots and how you can build them quickly and easily with Oracle Mobile Cloud. You will learn how to develop a bot that understands natural human language using NLP (Natural Language Processing), enable your bot to use its intelligence as it interacts with users, integrate your bot with back end systems so that it can deliver enterprise data to users and execute tasks and introduce your bot to a potentially vast audience quickly and easily by integrating it with the Facebook Messenger platform.

Though this course focuses on a previous Oracle product, principles and fundamentals still applies to Oracle Digital Assistant.

Developing Chatbots with Oracle Mobile Cloud

section 4Oracle Digital Assistant certification

Exam Title: Oracle Cloud Platform Digital Assistant 2020 Associate

Oracle Cloud Platform Digital Assistant 2020 Certified Specialist Certification Overview